The Differences Between Snow Crab Legs vs King Crab Legs

Crab legs are among the delicious foods to add to a party menu. In the market today, there are two famous crab legs which are snow crab legs and king crab legs.

Most of the time, it is difficult to choose between these two types of meat. This article has been written to help you make the right choice.

Snow crab legs

When you buy a crab leg, and it changes from red to snowy white when cooked, it is Snow crab leg you just got. This meat got its name from the transformation that occurs with it after ben grilled. It is an excellent food to eat with subtly briny flavor.

Unlike King crab legs, this meat is firm and tends to be more fibrous, which allows you to easily cut it into different pieces compared to a King crab leg. They have shells that are easy to break, and you can do that with your bare hands.

Snow crab legs are sold in clusters which allows you to purchase a lot of legs and sometimes a claw clustered at the same time. Likewise, you would also not be spending a large amount of money buying these legs as their price aa re relatively cheap compared to King crab legs. These meats are better served with melted butter and lemon wedges on the side.

King crab legs

If you are in search of crab legs that have large size and can satisfy a large number of people, king crab legs are the best option for you. King crab legs are known for their rich, sweet flavor and delicately tender texture reminiscent of lobster meat.

When compared with a snow crab leg, this meat has a shell that is not easy to crack and will often require you to get extra tools to get the shell off. Since these crab legs are scarce and usually come once in a while, they are expensive and would require you to get a large amount of money to purchase.

These king crab meat are naturally lean, and they contain a low level of calories with flavor that would surely attract you to get one for yourself.

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How to choose between snow crab legs and king crab legs

Since these two types of meat are the most famous kinds of crab legs in the market today, it is often a bit tricky to choose one between the two. However, here are some features to look in for and some factors to consider that would help you make the right choice.


This is one of the most important factors to consider. That is, before going for crab legs, you must be aware of how many people you are making the meat for. If you are preparing it for just a few family and friends, then buying snow crab legs would be the perfect choice for you.

On the other hand, if the meat is meant for a large family party or for commercial sales, you will have to buy king crab legs that come in a large quantity.


Another essential factor that should be given full consideration when buying crab legs is the scarcity and the availability of the meat; you want to buy. Generally, crab meats are not easily found, and they often appear ones in a calendar year.

Thus, the availability of these crab legs varies from one product to the other. For snow crab legs, they last the longest and the harvesting season depends on location.

For instance, in the United States, you get snow crab legs in the late fall till the early summer months. On the other hand, king crabs have limited harvesting, and they often last for just a week or two.


When considering the crackability of these two types of meat, snow crab legs have shells that are easy to crack even with bare hands. While king crab legs have shells that are difficult to crack and most of the time require tools to break it.


The price of these crab legs is also a vital factor to consider. The level of your budget often determines this. For instance, if

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