The Differences Between Flat Cut vs. Point Cut Corned Beef

Corned beef seems to be on so many people’s every day’s menu. In fact, you are missing a lot if you have not started adding this sumptuous meat to your meal.

Corned beef is the cut from the breast or lower chest of a cow that has been brined ( that is, soaked in saltwater). This part of the cow called brisket is fleshy, boneless and quite tough. The brining is done with salt and spices. What you get at the end if prepared well, is slightly salty meat with a little sour taste rich in flavour.

This article describes a flat cut versus point cut corned beef, also outlining the benefits of each and why you should choose either type of cut.

Choosing a cut for your corned beef

Preparing a delicious corned beef is not just dependent on the spices used, the kind of cut your brisket has a lot to do with its juiciness and deliciousness. When buying a brisket, you will have to choose between a flat cut and a pointcut.

Depending on what you desire in corned beef, it is essential you take note of the kind of cut to get. Differentiating between a flat cut and a pointcut is not difficult, by mere looking at the brisket, you would be able to tell if it is a flat cut or point cut.

A pointcut

A pointcut comes to a point at one end of the brisket. This kind of cut does not really look appealing, so getting it in supermarkets is quite difficult. A pointcut is a thick cut, and it is a bit weighty. If you are planning to shred your meat after cooking, you should go for this cut because having it whole on a sandwich might look awkward.

A flat cut

A flat cut is a lean cut. The brisket is sliced in a uniformed shape and appears more appealing than the point cut. Most supermarkets sell more of this flat cut because of its appealing look. A flat cut is leaner and less weighty.

Flat cut versus Point cut, which is better?

Having known the two types of cut for your corned beef, which should you choose and why?

Choosing a type of cut depends so much on what you desire in a brisket. A pointcut contains lots of fats running through it. Hence it tends to be juicer and more flavorful. If you want a corned beef that is juicy and full of flavour, then use a pointcut.

Although, most people use the flat cut for a corned beef so that it would make an appealing dressing on their foods. If your diet is tightly monitored and fat would not do you any good, you should not go for this type of cut.

A flat cut, on the other hand, has its fats trimmed off; this gives the brisket a lean look. It is not that flat cut brisket does not have fat at all; it still has a layer of fat on the bottom, which helps to keep the meat moist. A flat cut is healthy and good for people who do not eat fat, although it might not come out as juicy as a pointcut.

Preparing a Corned Beef

Corned beef can be prepared from beef or purchased ready to eat from a supermarket or food shop. In either of the two situations, it is best you go for a flat cut because it gives your food dressing a more appealing look.

Flat cut is also the best option if you are going to use a slow cooking method. This is because flat cut features a more consistent and even thickness (just some level of thickness though). Pointcut, however, has its point end thicker and with intermuscular fat.

Since the flat cut does not contain enough fat to make it juicy, trying the “slow cooker” increases its juiciness and flavour. The result is very tender meat with lots of flavours.


Corned beef can be eaten together with any kind of dish. This flavoured and meaty food can be used as a dressing for a sandwich or even paired with potatoes, carrots and cabbage. You can also serve it over pasta or mashed potatoes.

The Differences Between Snow Crab Legs vs King Crab Legs

Crab legs are among the delicious foods to add to a party menu. In the market today, there are two famous crab legs which are snow crab legs and king crab legs.

Most of the time, it is difficult to choose between these two types of meat. This article has been written to help you make the right choice.

Snow crab legs

When you buy a crab leg, and it changes from red to snowy white when cooked, it is Snow crab leg you just got. This meat got its name from the transformation that occurs with it after ben grilled. It is an excellent food to eat with subtly briny flavor.

Unlike King crab legs, this meat is firm and tends to be more fibrous, which allows you to easily cut it into different pieces compared to a King crab leg. They have shells that are easy to break, and you can do that with your bare hands.

Snow crab legs are sold in clusters which allows you to purchase a lot of legs and sometimes a claw clustered at the same time. Likewise, you would also not be spending a large amount of money buying these legs as their price aa re relatively cheap compared to King crab legs. These meats are better served with melted butter and lemon wedges on the side.

King crab legs

If you are in search of crab legs that have large size and can satisfy a large number of people, king crab legs are the best option for you. King crab legs are known for their rich, sweet flavor and delicately tender texture reminiscent of lobster meat.

When compared with a snow crab leg, this meat has a shell that is not easy to crack and will often require you to get extra tools to get the shell off. Since these crab legs are scarce and usually come once in a while, they are expensive and would require you to get a large amount of money to purchase.

These king crab meat are naturally lean, and they contain a low level of calories with flavor that would surely attract you to get one for yourself.

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The Differences Between A Pork Loin Roast And A Pork Roast

How to choose between snow crab legs and king crab legs

Since these two types of meat are the most famous kinds of crab legs in the market today, it is often a bit tricky to choose one between the two. However, here are some features to look in for and some factors to consider that would help you make the right choice.


This is one of the most important factors to consider. That is, before going for crab legs, you must be aware of how many people you are making the meat for. If you are preparing it for just a few family and friends, then buying snow crab legs would be the perfect choice for you.

On the other hand, if the meat is meant for a large family party or for commercial sales, you will have to buy king crab legs that come in a large quantity.


Another essential factor that should be given full consideration when buying crab legs is the scarcity and the availability of the meat; you want to buy. Generally, crab meats are not easily found, and they often appear ones in a calendar year.

Thus, the availability of these crab legs varies from one product to the other. For snow crab legs, they last the longest and the harvesting season depends on location.

For instance, in the United States, you get snow crab legs in the late fall till the early summer months. On the other hand, king crabs have limited harvesting, and they often last for just a week or two.


When considering the crackability of these two types of meat, snow crab legs have shells that are easy to crack even with bare hands. While king crab legs have shells that are difficult to crack and most of the time require tools to break it.


The price of these crab legs is also a vital factor to consider. The level of your budget often determines this. For instance, if

The Differences Between A Pork Loin Roast And A Pork Roast

There are wide varieties of pork in the market today, and it is a bit difficult to choose between this pork. Pork loin and pork roast are two types of meat which many people find difficulties differentiating between them.

This article has been written to help you choose the better of the two. It also contains what a pork loin is, how it tastes, what a pork roast is, how it tastes, and how to choose the perfect pork for you.

Pork Loin

Pork loin is the wide and thick muscle that comes from the back of the animal and runs along the backbone. Often, this meat is mistaken with pork tenderloin. It is essential to know that tenderloin pork is longer and thinner when compared to a pork loin.

For instance, you can get a full-size pork tenderloin as big as 10 pounds, and it can be cut into as many pieces as possible. Pork loin, on the other hand, comes at about 3-4 pounds.

When compared to a pork roast, a pork loin is not tender, which makes it cooks better roasted on a lower temperature for a more extended period. Immediately this meat gets to the safe temperature; you will need to take it out, tent it with foil and leave it for some periods.

However, if you are not a fan of roasting, there is another method in which your pork loin can be prepared. By this method, you sear your meat first on high heat, and you later reduce the heat temperature below 350° degree.

This, according to the National Pork Board, is the best temperature to cook this meat is between 145 and 160 degrees.

A pork loin is a delicious cut of meat that comes with its own built-in master as a result of a thin, fat cap along the top of the cut meat that comes with it.

To get your desired aroma and flavour from this meat, you can cook it by adding some onion, celery, and garlic to it. 

Pork Roast

Pork roast is a tender and leans cut and an easy to cook meat. It is a large cut of meat that is extracted from the back of the animal, running from the shoulder and the beginning of the leg. You tend to get loin pork pounds ranging from about two to four pounds in the market.

When compared to a pork loin, a pork roast is a portion of meat cut that is gotten from the full pork loin. This pork got is the name of roast pork not only because of its size but as a result of its boneless nature. This pork is also referred to as a centre cut pork loin roasts centre cut pork roast or centre cut rib roast.

What this meat has in relation to a pork loin is because of its relatively lean and mild taste. Since this pork is relatively part of a pork loin, it might not be perfect pork to cook for a crowd, and a pork loin would be ideal for doing so.

A pork roast requires a longer time of cooking because of its tender texture.

Nevertheless, it is a simple meat to cook without any stress. This pork can be prepared in different methods because of the varieties of the size it comes in. Unlike a pork loin, a pork roast comes at a less expensive price rate.

How to choose between a pork loin and a pork roast

Pork loin and pork roast are two kinds of beef that have a similar appearance and of which many butchers and grillers usually convince each other.

It is often difficult to differentiate between a pork loin and a pork roast because a pork roast is a cut part of a pork loin.

If you plan on purchasing one of these two types of meat, here are some factors you should consider and some features you should look in for:

If you are buying pork for a large family, a pork loin can be a better choice for you because it comes at a large size. This, if you are looking for pork that comes at a cheap, then you might be considering buying a pork roast.

For meat you can cook within a short period, going for a pork loin would be the right choice for you. It is essential to know that both a pork loin and a pork roast has a relatively lean and a mild taste.

Therefore, you should know what you want in pork before purchasing any of the two.